Résumé of David B. Lamkins

Portland, OR 97214, USA mailto: david@lamkins.net


Experience delivering successful software products.

Developed (architecture through delivery) specialized technical software used and sold by top companies in their respective fields.

Broad-based knowledge and experience in many aspects of software and system development, including artificial intelligence, databases, graphics, video, audio, real-time progamming, device drivers, operating systems, memory management, garbage collection, data networking (design, analysis, monitoring, troubleshooting), language compilers and interpreters, fraud detection, textual content recognition, and web applications.

Developed web-based applications (including AJAX) using HTML, PHP, Apache, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, Groovy, Jetty and Java.

Experience maintaining, enhancing, upgrading and refactoring large (500,000 line) software systems.

Development of algorithms and APIs in portable C and C++. Maintenance and performance tuning of existing systems. Architectural design and implementation of complex systems, including distributed systems and knowledge-based systems (product configuration, network design, network analysis.)

Eight years of Technical Supervision experience.

Writing of technical briefs and white papers. Public presentations to decision-makers.

Unix/Linux, Windows NT and Mac OS commercial development experience.

Over two decades of commercial C experience in both applications and systems programming. Nine years commercial use of Common Lisp for design, prototyping, and implementation. Three years of commercial C++ experience in real-time knowledge-base systems development. Eight years of commercial experience developing web applications using HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, JavaScript, PHP, Groovy, Jetty and Java.

Personal discipline includes time tracking, defect tracking, documentation writing, version control, and configuration management.

Published author: Successful Lisp.

Excellent references available on request.


Work History

Galois (start December 2013)

Member of Technical Staff

Research and development

Symantec.cloud (February 2011 to December 2013)

Principal Software Engineer

Developed and improved software for fast, robust text classification of web content. Developed and implemented a method to extract textual information from embedded and nested Javascripts, such as those used by Facebook and Google. Developed and implemented a system to index a document cache having a turnover of millions of documents each day.

Chockstone (October 2007 to February 2011)

Senior Software Developer

Developed and maintained web-based interfaces to configure complex business systems.

SwiftView/eLynx (June 2003 to October 2007)

Senior Software Developer

Added generalized document workflow management capabilities and numerous enhancements and new features to SwiftSend secure document delivery system. Created XML/XSLT framework and converted web-based UI to this framework. Converted existing web interfaces to AJAX. Created tools and techniques to automate testing of business-layer rules and data. Created tools to enable customers to access SwiftSend via XML.

Rulespace (June 1999 to May 2003)

Principal Software Engineer

Designed, developed, supported and maintained content recognition and filtering software. Delivered major product upgrades by anticipating needs, starting development in advance of requirements, and incorporating additions and changes as required. Improved performance and reliability of company's core product. Maintained and enhanced company's core software through periodic planned updates.

AMDOCS / Dynamics Research Corp. (March 1998 to June 1999)

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Developed and maintained knowledge-based systems used for telecommunications fraud detection.

Network Associates / Network General (September 1994 to March 1998)

Manager, Expert Systems Development (September 1995 to March 1998)

Led research into methods of detecting problems in computer networks. Project lead for accurate, low-overhead network topology and data source discovery. Version 1.0 product won Best-of-Show awards. Developed product enhancements for several additional releases.

Project Leader/Technical Leader, Expert Systems Products (September 1994 through September 1995)

Analysis and design of knowledge-based systems for telecommunications.

Motorola Codex (1984 to August 1994)

Paid Voluntary Separation (May 1994 through August 1994)

Took separation package during corporate downsizing in order to seek relocation.

Principal Engineer, System Architecture (October 1993 to May 1994)

Designed a layered system architecture to combine diverse applications and data sources in a multi-vendor environment for a knowledge based enterprise information and workgroup collaboration system.

Principal Engineer, Mac Software Development (July 1990 to September 1993)

Developed portions of a Macintosh-based system for design and configuration of communications networks. Developed engine and rules for knowledge-based system configuration of telecommunications products. Designed and implemented a file format for transfer of structured information between telecommunications network design tools.

Principal Engineer, Systems Programming (October 1986 to June 1990)

Supervised five systems programmers and administrators responsible for standalone and clustered VAX/VMS systems. Developed and implemented tools and procedures for system management, security & auditing, source code control, configuration management, networking of shared resources, and performance analysis & tuning. Supported several hundred users, providing consultation and training via telephone, email, and one-on-one and small-group meetings.

Senior Engineer, Networking Product Development (July 1985 to September 1986)

Developed device-level software for data communications. Designed Macintosh GUI software for network management.

Senior Engineer, Teleconferencing Product Development (April 1984 to June 1985)

Developed software for data communications and image processing.

Activision (1982 through 1984)

Video Game Designer

Developed ROM software for Atari 2600 video game console.

Parker Brothers (1982)

Video Game Development Manager

Managed a group of video game software developers and acted as Engineering's liaison to Marketing. Released all titles on schedule.

Senior Engineer

Designed the hardware architecture for and supervised the development of a custom microprocessor emulator. Implemented emulator control and host communications software.

Processor Sciences (1979 through 1982)

Member of Consulting Staff

Met with customers to determine project goals, including functionality, cost, and schedule. Developed technical and business proposals. Specified, designed, implemented, tested, and delivered hardware and software systems per customer requirements. Developed and delivered customer documentation and training.

DBL Electronics (1977 through 1979)

Sole Proprietor

While finishing school, provided contract hardware and software implementation services.

Executive Games (1975 through 1977)

Lead Technician

Hired, trained, and supervised a staff of five technicians to do board-level repair of consumer electronics equipment. Participated in developing engineering prototypes of new products.


"Successful Lisp: How to Understand and Use Common Lisp", ISBN 3-937526-00-5, 360 ppg., Bookfix.com, December 2004


B.S. Cum Laude Computer Science University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1979.